Cant send/receive mails on Mail app(s) using Cloudflare

Hello everybody, as I’ve seen in many threads in here I’m having issues with my mail after integrating Cloudflare with my site.

I’m mostly using Spark Mail App and at first some mails were rejected and some others did pass through (from wordpress) but most of them didnt, I could only send emails from my computer but the logged instance on other devices didnt work nor to send, receive or get updates. After some troubleshooting with the records I managed to receive mails on Roundcube (the CPanel app to read mails) and thats how i was able to log in here. But I still cant reach the servers from Spark or apple Mail apps.

Do I have to whitelist their IPs? or Add something else? I’m attaching my records, It’s been four days and on the twitter account of Cloudflare help all i got was that blog post we’ve all seen about MX and A records and Ive got zero follow up.

Also, my records were added automatically when I integrated Cloudflare so I dont have much of an idea of what to edit or delete. I made some changes so Im attaching how it was before I edited and how it is now.

BEFORE (nothing was greyed out + other MX records)


If you could help me shed some light on this I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

Outstanding #Tutorials here for email, Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare

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All those records look good. Just make sure your apps are configured to send and receive through

The mail server itself isn’t optimal, as it’s a little slow and doesn’t seem to support TLS for your domain. As it’s set to :grey: as it should be, check with your mail host if you continue to have problems with it.

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Thanks so much! I was trying to log the apps via SSL not using, when I used the other way around I got them working. Any input in how to change/ get a better mail server in the future? Is it about my general hosting provider? Like, I created the emails from my cpanel (i really dont have much idea on the topic). I also sent some test emails and they took 4-5mins to reach so as you said it’s slow.

Thanks again!

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