Can't send/receive any any emails

Hello everyone,

Since i switched to CF, i can’t send/receive any emails anymore

Every time i receive this error

“Checking account name or password failed.”

What have i done wrong or did i forgot something?
Nameservers and DNS are not my thing, so be gentle on me please

Tell me what you need and i will try to provide it

Thanks a lot

This usually happens if a mail server is set to :orange:

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Thx for the tutorial, but i think everything is like it should be
Which ports are used by CF for incoming and outgoing mail, because that’s also an error i get.

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None. CF does not proxy email traffic, and cannot hide the IP address of your email server.

My reply and the tutorial both point out you should not use :orange: records for email. Because your * record is set to :orange:, your email is not working.

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I must change al 3 then, otherwise i receive an error at my CF panel

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OK, working now

Thx for the help!!!

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