Can't send emails: Fix DMARC


I’ve just moved to cloudflare and now i’m having trouble with sending emails. Looks like my dmarc is not ok and I need some lights.

Checked my domain on mxtoolbox and got this:

I’m using dmarc management tool, but don’t know what’s wrong…
I use google workspace also…

solved. thank you

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How did you solve it? I’m having the same issue rn.

Hi @districtoasisstore ,
I had just switched to cloudways when the error happened. The problem, I later discovered, was that my records were CNAME were set to be proxied by cloudflare. They have to be DNS only.

@ricardo.araujo330, email is generally something you need to clarify with your mail provider, as Cloudflare does not provide that.

As for Cloudflare, I would recommend to verify your encryption mode however, as you may have an insecure encryption mode. Make sure you are using Full Strict, otherwise you have no proper encryption.

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