Can't send email error

Can’t send email error

It may be a little bit tough to assist you, with a such vague explanation?

Can you please elaborate?

  1. What domain?

  2. What have you tried?

  3. What error(s) do you see?

  4. Perhaps a screenshot of what is happening?

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My website is suddenly unable to send and receive emails from customers today

You have at least one email related hostname :orange: Proxied. The Cloudflare proxy only passes HTTP and HTTPS traffic. That will prevent email traffic from reaching any :orange: hostname. Make sure you set your mail CNAME to :grey: DNS Only.

This Community Tutorial explains further.

My website was still running normally until 9am this morning when I got this error and the email was not received

My previous recommendation about setting your mail hostname to :grey: DNS Only stands. You currently have a much larger problem than email. Your origin server is not secure. You need to pause Cloudflare and ensure that your site loads correctly over HTTPS before you re-enable Cloudflare.

So after I stop using Cloudflare for, what should I do next?

You do not need to enable Development Mode when you have paused Cloudflare. Development mode bypasses the cache, but only when Cloudflare is enabled. Please leave it off.

Based on the message shown on your site when loaded over HTTPS, you will probably need to contact your server administrator to have your HTTPS site configured properly.

It currently shows:

System error …! Please contact Admin…!

You also have Under Attack Mode enabled. That should not be on unless your site is actively under attack and it should be turned off afterward. That is unrelated to the HTTPS problem that you need to resolve with your origin server host.


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So what should I do next, sir?

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I mean: just now you asked me to contact the hosting service provider to register https for the domain name. But how come I see it already exists on the browser link!