Cant select a plan to enable access

Hello. When I go to the teams dashboard and go to Configuration > Authentication I get a CTA to choose a plan to get started with Teams. I click the choose a plan button, and it takes me to the Account > Billing area. Under plan it says “No plan has been chosen yet. Choose a plan to avoid disruptions to your account.”. However there is no method provided to select a plan.

If I go to your public access page here: Access | Zero Trust Network Access and select “Get Started” It takes me to the page where I select my account (I manage several clients), I click the account I want to add access to, then the website, and then… nothing happens. It just takes me to the overview page.

How do I get this working?

Hi @pierre6, is it possible that your account utilizes other Cloudflare Enterprise services? If so, you would not see the Choose Plan option in your Account > Billing section and would need to go through an account team to enable Cloudflare for Teams.

Hi @abe, No, I don’t believe so. This account is just on the Pro plan and don’t have an account rep.

Are you trying to configure this for one of the accounts you manage or your own? If it’s one of the accounts you manage the owner (billing administrator) would need to make the subscription selection.