Can't seem to get around DNS PROBE ISSUE but suspect SSL


So we’ve recently migrated onto Cloudflare but having troubles ensure visibility across the board. I can see from the traffic at Google and Cloudflare that people are hitting the site and consumer bandwidth but unfortunately, can’t in my geographic location no one can see anything. The site is spitting an error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I suspect it’s a SSL issue but not sure how to go about it. We purchased a Dedicated Edge Certificate which I believe the developer installed on the Server, however from what I read they should be installing the Origin Certificate on the server as Edge Cert is only between the User & CF.

Another observation: Currently SSL is toggled at Flexible, when we toggle it to Full or Full (strict) the traffic comes to a grinding halt hence, my suspicion that it’s to do with the SSL on the server.

Thoughts? -Thank in advance!

The geographic issue may just be DNS. A global scan looked pretty good to me.

A global website test also looks pretty good, with the exception of China (not a big surprise).

As far as Full SSL is concerned, yes, that would be an issue with SSL on the server. That Edge Certificate is only for the Cloudflare proxy. You would have to install an Origin Certificate on your server to be able to use Full SSL.

Sometimes we get this

and sometimes I’m getting this

your domain DNS nameservers don’t seem to have fully propagated across the internet yet ?

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