Can't seem to connect a sub domain to a discord invite URL


I can’t connect a subdomain to a discord URL. I’ve looked at many threads and blogs but nothing helps. I want to connect my subdomain: to my discord invite URL which is


Cloudflare’s page rules change the URL to a lowercase record, it may be that Discord is expecting a case sensitive version. You could instead do this redirection on your own server with .htaccess rules or use a Cloudflare worker to rewrite the URL.


You’re right, I just tested it and discord expects the final code to be case sensitive. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand much of what you said to resolve this issue. I have no idea what server you’re talking about, and what a .htaccess rule is. I’m also unsure as to how the Cloudflare worker is used and call me cheap but I’d rather do this for free if possible.


There was a discussion a while ago. I don’t know if encoding was the solution since the TO didn’t reply to my last post


Ah, just read through it, none of that really helped… I’m getting an interesting result… When I point an a record with name discord to then setup a page rule that points to my discord invite link but when I go to my subdomain it send me to this page. When theoretically it should be sending me to discord with just an invalid invite link due to the lack of caps lock.


Using the URL provided by discord is not enough since DNS is not case sensitive. You need to encode it with special characters like I mentioned here


Yes, I’ve already read through that, the website is very confusing for me. I didn’t understand it very well.


Okay, I’ve figured it out, and converted the end code of the url to %42%53%43%48%51z%42. I then added a url redirect on my page rules, and an a record pointing to it still redirects me to the wrong url though. There are two things wrong with the url I’m be redirected to. The url is, first of all there should be no ww38, it should be www or just https:// also it shouldn’t be it should just be


It’s working? :slight_smile:
i just used discord.infamous…


I’ve taken and gif for example. this was taken just now.


Strange. It’s still working for me :thinking:

Clear you browser cache and dns cache. (ipconfig /flushdns from your command line) and try again.


Thank you very much for the support. It works great now, I really appreciate it.


Thanks for your feedback. Now I know that we’ve a working solution :slight_smile:

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