Cant' seem to clear cache

I’ve made some edits to my WordPress site, but I’m still seeing the old version of the page. This happened to me once before, and purging the Cloudfare cache fixed it. No such luck this time. I don’t have any other caching plugins installed on the site. I also tried putting Cloudflare into Development Mode. Still no luck. The site is at

It’s been over two days now. Really appreciate any help!!

If you put the site into Dev Mode, then Cloudflare caching is off.

Your home page is also not cached. What is it you changed?

Thanks for the speedy reply @sdayman!! Here’s a screenshot of how the page should look.

I’m not seeing the COVID-19 article, but I am seeing JS errors. You’re also using Rocket Loader which isn’t always compatible with JS. See about turning Rocket Loader off in the Speed -> Optimization section.

Thanks. I tried disabling Rocket Loader. Still no luck. I’m just totally at a loss. :worried:

Come to think of it, Rocket Loader probably gets disabled during Dev Mode as well.

Your next step would be to completely bypass Cloudflare with the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option in the lower right corner of the Overview section. It takes five minutes to take effect, but after that, you can see if that gets your site back to normal.

So, after coming back to this again today… when I put Cloudflare in development mode, the correct version of the page is displaying. As soon as a I turn off development mode, it goes back to showing that old version of the page.

I totally had not seen that “Pause Cloudlare” option. I’m going to give that a try and report back. Thanks!!

All is well when I pause Cloudlare.

Turning Cloudflare back on reverts to the old version of the page. How frustrating!

Any idea what this means?

I wonder if this could be it?

How To Fix: Divi Page Builder Broke With Cloudflare - Zealous Sites

Or maybe this:

Unable to save changes to Divi Wordpress website - Security - Cloudflare Community

That’s different than this:

The Zealous Sites article says to disable Rocket Loader.

Your second article says this:

However, it does not appear you have such a Page Rule.

The Zealous Sites article does mention Javascript Minification, which you can try disabling in the Speed -> Optimization section.

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