Can't see web pages after setting up cloudflare

I can’t see my web pages in live mode but I can see them when in the CMS.

Please help.

What’s the domain?



I see a lot of Rocket Loader errors in the browser console log. Try disabling Rocket Loader in the Speed -> Optimizations tab.

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I had no trouble loading it after a refresh, the initial connection wasn’t loading. It doesn’t appear to be a built out site though, no content, just the framework. It has mixed content (attempting to load HTTP resources on a site that is supposed to be secure).

It looks like you have an mp3 file that is taking a considerable amount of time to load.

That may be causing the render blocking at times. Seeing as how my initial attempt failed and retrying worked, I’d guess it’s not a CF-specific issue. If it continues to be a problem, I’d check the following…make sure all links are https, remove the mp3 that you’re trying to load, and lastly, turn off the rocket loader.

I’m not sure why but your site says it is not secure despite having the CF issued SSL cert. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than I might have a though on that. Maybe it’s the mixed content?

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