Can't see support chat window

I am trying to get support from Cloudflare on a Business plan and it says “Your chat has started, see the chat icon” but there is no chat icon on the screen. Can anyone help?

Can you try accessing the support section of the dash and starting a chat in a different browser / a private window with all extensions disabled just to rule that out?

I have escalated your post for my colleagues to review.

What is the issue you’re having, perhaps we can fix that while waiting for the :speech_balloon: to appear.

Did you/were you able to create a ticket? If so, can you share the number here?

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Hi there,

Are you still having issues with chat window? Could you please raise a ticket to demonstrate your issue and paste the ticket number here?

Thank you!

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I double checked in ZD and there are no new tickets from this customer in question. (Carey White)

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