Can't see subdomain

I have a website ( with a WordPress subdomain ( hosted on hostpapa. I set up Cloudflare yesterday via the hostpapa C-panel. displays faster, but I get an error message (“can’t find the server”) for the subdomain in all web browsers.

What do I need to do to get the subdomain to appear? I have reviewed other question/answers on the blog, but I have limited experience with DNS-related things, so please try to keep replies simple!

I’m using the free version of Cloudflare

You seem to have added the hostname to your webserver configuration, but you also need to add the DNS record itself to Cloudflare.

#tutorials has a dedicated article on how to do that.

Thanks for replying. I read the tutorial on Adding DNS Records

  • I went to the Cloudflare page “DNS management for
  • I clicked “add record”, Type=A,, Content= (as for, TTL=auto
    The subdomain now appears in my browser!
    Is that all I need to do? If so, I’m a happy man.
    Best regards,

That should be it, and it seems to load fine already.

Just double check that your encryption mode is Full Strict, as otherwise you’d still have no proper encryption.

Sandro — OK, I set encryption as “Full Strict”. Thanks very much for your help.
Best regards,

Then you should be all set :slight_smile:.

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