Can't see my new categories and posts

I can only see new categories and blog posts on my dashboard (backend) not on the live website. I have contacted Siteground and they requested I CF about a possible caching issue. I cleared all cache, including browser cache. I also deactivated the caching services on my site as well. Nothing has worked. I will note that a friend in Bangkok was able to see the post however when he was using a VPN through the USA it disappeared.

What’s the domain?

Oh…Ezoic. They have their own caching

Right now, it doesn’t look like your site is going through Cloudflare, but I do see a WP-CF-Super-Cache header and a server cache header. If you’ve cleared the Cloudflare cache (Purge Everything) and that doesn’t do it, then you’ll have to nag Ezoic.

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So I paused my CF to see if that fixed the issue that is why you don’t see it going through CF. I have purged everything and nothing changes.

When I go into Ezoic this is at the top of my page Cloudflare cache issue detected for the following pagerules:*. Please make sure your CloudFlare cache_level setting is set to ‘standard’. Otherwise our system will not work properly with your site."
My cache settings in CF are set to standard

Yeah, but if you’re using some other Cloudflare cache control, like WP CF Super Cache, then it’s not using “standard” caching.

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ah so what should I do? I deactivated that plugin and still no change.

As I said:

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Just fixed it by clearing Ezoic’s cache. What a pain with all these caching services.

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