Cant see my account?

Hello, I really dont know how to categorized this but. When i go to the dashboard (dash cloudflare com) and I see that my accounts email (redacted) isnt there. My website still works. I gave super administrator access to my friend but we parted ways due to an argument. Can he remove access to my own account, If so how to regain it back?
I partly blurred out info for privacy

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The email address used to create the account serves as the initial account name. This name can be changed. Have you tried searching the dashboard for your site to determine which of your accounts it is in?

I’ll try to change my account email
And yes I have used my email (redacted) for signing up in cloudflare. It should appear on the account list section. I have tried logging out and logging in but the issue persists

There is no need to do that. In fact I strongly recommend against it, especially if the only reason is that you want it to change the account name, because it doesn’t do that.

It will not appear there if the account name has been changed. You can create an account with your email of [email protected] and that will be your initial account name, but it is very easy to change it to a more descriptive name like Example Corp Web Team. You will still sign in with your [email protected] email, but that email will no longer appear as the team name.

You should be able to identify the account by simply searching for the site by its domain name in your dashboard.

This would be the next step to take.


Yes I did but nothing seems to show up

And also I haven’t change my account name

If the domain doesn’t appear in the search from you Cloudflare dashboard, perhaps it is in the superadmin account of your friend. While it can be beneficial to have an additional superadmin account, it is important to understand that user had the same permissions as the other superadmin accounts.

All of the accounts that are accessible by your user will be visible from your dash. If you need to add your domain into another Cloudflare account, you can, as long as it doesn’t use Cloudflare registrar.