Can't see D1 in dash

In the CF dash, I have logged out and in, clear cache, signed in from another browser, and I cannot see anything under workers and page except the main page and plans. No D1, KV, etc… I have a d1 db running that I can “npx wrnagler d1 list” and query. I was able to see the D1 db and a table earlier. I am on the starter $5/mo plan, not sure if this is a subscription thing. What might this be happening? Thanks.

Hello, have you tried to log in to your Cloudflare Dashboard on incognito mode? As this seems like a dashboard issue, if it is still happening on incognito mode, i suggest you raise a support ticket as they may need further information from you

Yes, incognito now and several browsers. I have tried to raise a support issue by clicking on the link in your comment and in the help section but it sends me back here.

So I was able to see the other pages in the Workers & Pages Section like D1 and Durables but then this morning it’s gone again and I am once again stuck to the main W&P page

Can you show a screenshot of what you see?