Can't see any CF-RAY and periodical "failed" responses

Greetings community,
Occasionally our third party monitoring service notifying us with:
*** Homepage http://****.com/ failed at 19:01:13 on ** Sep 2018 Response: CF-RAY: -LHR.

In the same time we have no records of this request in the Load Balancer, but we see all the “200” responses.
Is there a way to look for this CF-RAY on Cloudflare side? Happens every 6-7 days

PS: No latency issue on Load Balancer side is recorded

If it was a firewall event it should show up in the firewall log, which you should be able to search in its respective section in the control panel.

that’s an issue because I can’t see any related Firewall events, but I have CF-RAY in monitoring service notification

I am a bit foggy on non-firewall events unfortunately. If no one else comes to the rescue here, maybe open a support ticket, they should be able to clarify that quickly.

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