Cant see all the DNS records

Hi I have few DNS records in Cloudflare that I dont see when using DNS record tools
If I look on this domain in the Google admin toolbox dig
I dont see all these records

I dont see the CNAME / MX / TXT/ and I only see 1 A record
Please help

That’s all you will see if your apex domain, say has a single A record. You need to search for the full hostname to see the records for those (so if you have a A or CNAME for www you will need to enter into the toolbox). DNS can’t find subdomains for you, you have to know them.

It should return your apex MX and TXT records, but there seems to be something short entered as hostnames for those, rather than an apex domain so you probably have several issues. If you can give the domain name, people can advise.


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