Can't route to the current zone

When trying to setup email I have the error described above. The MX records are correct, I’m not sure what the next step is. Thanks for the help.

What email services are you trying to set up? What is your domain?

Trying to setup the beta email thru Cloudflare. My domain is

Everything looks okay. Is this an error that you get when trying to send an email to your domain? I’m assuming that you have no warning on the email routing page.

It’s actually when trying to setup an email address. I’ll add a screenshot tomorrow.


Hey ,

You are adding the Custom Address in the Destination Address

& as @michael said you cannot add in the destination it should added in the custom address

Here’s an EXAMPLE for setting it up

Then if a user sends you a email to [email protected] you will receive in it to [email protected]

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You are setting up a circular email route. The Destination address cannot be on the same domain as the Custom address. Cloudflare does not provide a mailbox service, so the destination address needs to be the address at your email service provider.


Ok I got it now, didn’t quite understand at first. Thanks for all the help and examples.

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