Can't retrieve login details as not recognised cloudfare domain

So my companies DNS settings are with cloudfare but no one has a clue what the login email or password is. When I try and retrieve this by putting in the website domain it says login can only be retrieved with an active cloudfare domain? I know for a fact it is with cloudfare as I can see it on our IONOS login. Help!

What’s the domain?

Also, you can always change your name servers at your registrar to point to your host or a new Cloudflare account where you can control your DNS records.

Thanks for replying its

I will bear that in mind too and see if I can do it that way but would be good to get access this way

Hi @s_cops,

It looks like that domain is only using Cloudflare for DNS and the record points to Linode.

As for getting access, make sure you just enter without the https etc. and see if that works.

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