Can't resubscribe to Serverlist mailing list: "Submission failed, please try again later"

I think I was subscribed to The Serverlist newsletter already but I don’t receive any emails.
That’s why I decided to resubscribe but the subscribe button returns error “Submission failed, please try again later”.

If you need my email address for troubleshooting, please, look it up at


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I was just able to subscribe here,, may have been transient issue. But, I will let the team know and sorry for the troubles.

Nope, the same issue on :

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Worked for me as well. Though the form was blocked by my pi-hole server first. Any addons like ABP, uBlock or noscript active?

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You were right, I was using Brave browser which has built in ad blocker and privacy tools.
After switching to chromium I was able to resubscribe successfully.
Thank you.


Perfect timing, volume 8 of the serverlist should drop this week! Thank you for trying again & for the confirmation.