Can't resolve host after added on CloudFlare

Hi there,

I have been using BunnyCDN for my WordPress website. Yesterday, I added the domain on Cloudflare, added the name servers and deactivated BunnyCDN plugin.

Now, the website goes down in random times and random locations and I receive errors like: can’t be resolved, did you mean

Also, on one of the pages, I’m using wp_remote_get to get the content of file that is hosted on my website using wp_remote_get() function, but the response randomly returns “” can’t be resolved.

What should I do? After I deactivated BunnyCDN, I used but still showing BunnyCDN IPs.



Here you go:

Your domain is properly using Cloudflare nameservers, but it’s configured for Is that the right hostname? If so, your DNS entries are correct, otherwise you need to clarify this with your host.

It currently loads fine.

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