Can't resolve error 1000

Screen shots of diagnostics and DNS records

I am non-technical person trying to get my new funnel with a custom domain hosted by GroovePages working.

Getting error 1000, but when i check the ipv4 and ipv6 ip addresses against cloudflare’s list, they don’t appear to be in conflict. But when I look over the DNS records for my 4 other websites, they don’t seem to show the A records for me to compare against.

So I am stuck, with no idea of how to resolve this.
I appreciate any help you can offer.

From the screenshot above, the error is correct as far as I am afraid your are putting Cloudflare IP instead of your hosting / origin server IP address into the Content field for both A and AAAA records.

You should get provided the IP address(es) from your hosting provider.

Not sure if ClickFunnels or GroovePages/GrooveFunnel:

I believe you would need CNAME type record and point it to the as follows from the instructions from the link above (hopefully the true one):

Help with managing DNS records at DNS tab on Cloudflare dashboard, here:

I deleted all A-AAAA records, and added the cname you recommended, plus a few other tweaks, and it’s all working now!

thank you!

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I am happy to assist you and glad it’s working! :wink:

Just to note, from above screenshot, I see you have an MX record pointed to (could be the old one, but …), for which I do not see any A mail record above.
Could you just re-check and re-add in case if needed and using it?

If not using e-mail for your domain, you can safely remove the MX record (for now on).
Otherwise, if using, we would have to figure it out who is your e-mail provider so we could point an A mail record to the correct IP address, also using the below articles to propperly setup the e-mail while using Cloudflare for your domain …

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