Can't reset 2FA verification

I have lost my device with 2fa, and also lost my recovery codes.

I emailed support AT cloudflare DOT com and received the automated verification steps. I can’t complete these however as they require some of my domains to point at a server, this is not possible as Cloudflare controls my DNS which I can’t login to access.

Support gave me alternate instructions but they do not make sense to me, does anyone know how to proceed? No answer for me for 6 days yet so checking here.

I don’t understand supports next instructions:

We are still showing your user account is the super admin on an account with all the sites listed. We cannot proceed forward until your account is not associated with any zone/sites.

What does he mean my account is super admin? This is my only account, and I need to access my sites so why should they not be associated, and how do I disassociate it if I can’t login?

TICKET: 2272506

If I can’t get into my account, have I lost my domains that I transferred to Cloudflare registrar? Do I have to also cancel my credit card?

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