Cant Request Review even after reseting the website server

Hello guys,

I’ve been using Cloudflare for the last two years and in the final days of my website I’ve been quite harmed with pishing and other hackings.

Recently I have done a reset on my server and started from scratch. three days ago I activated Cloudflare with all the right DNS records and it still is seen as pishing website:

Apr 17, 2019 Phishing

When I click Request Review it always says the same:
Internal error processing the URL. This error has been logged. (Code: 1004)

But it never changes. Now I’m really worried because each minute that passes I loose clients and my e-mail is not working :frowning:

Can you please help me?

Hi @indias,

Did you receive an email from Cloudflare Trust&Safety/Abuse when your site got marked as phishing? If so, you can reply to that email to follow up, if the request review is not working in the dashboard. If you didn’t get an email, I would suggest you email [email protected] from the email on your account.

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