Cant report abuse - Phishing domain

Wanted to report this website using cloudflares nameservers.
It’s a phishing website, they just aren’t using cloudflares protection therefor I can’t use the abuse form.

Runescape. com phishing website/panel.
The owner sells phishing subscriptions to paying users.
Users who pay get access to phishing links.
Once they have access, they spread these links and phish victims.

The owner also owns “xtremefish. rs” which is banned from cloudflare.
This domain is on the cloudflare nameservers:

DNS server (NS records) ( (

You can report it at

You can’t, it says it isn’t on cloudflare and can’t be reported.

What error are you seeing & where in the submission process is that happening? I just tried to submit that site and did not encounter any error, although I did not complete the process. If you’re unable to submit via that form, submit the details via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com, include the details asked for on the form. If you receive an automated reply, respond back that you’d like the ticket routed to Trust & Safety and that you were unable to submit the report via the abuse form.

Well, it isnt. So Cloudflare wouldnt be the right contact then.

Well, it isnt. So Cloudflare wouldnt be the right contact then.

It is on Cloudflares network, it’s using Cloudflares nameservers both and but they’re just not proxing the A record on Cloudflare network so it’s not allowing abuse reports which seems like a glitch.

If it’s a illegal service it should be banned from using Cloudflares service entirely, not sure why it hasn’t been yet.

I had checked the .rs domain, which is not on Cloudflare. If it is not proxied anyhow, you dont even need to go to Cloudflare but you go straight for the host. The DNS service is not really related in this case.

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