Can't renew pendingDelete

  1. All Cloudflare registrar emails have been going to spam, for ages. I only discovered this issue because the notice that nameservers were dropped did not go to spam.

  2. Cannot renew a domain that went to pendingDelete status. I can successfully renew other domains. The way it reports failure is horrible as well. Just returns you to the page that looks exactly the same as it was before trying to renew. (Includes error about bad card but this is how it looked when you landed there also. Can’t tell if it failed somehow or if that is a new error.) After finding I could renew a non-deleted domain, it appears it is a failure and not a billing failure so the page is just wrong.

  3. Cannot contact support. The support app won’t populate the domain list (console shows lots of 404 errors), even though ‘this is not domain related’ is checked and can’t be unchecked, won’t let me manually enter a domain name, and won’t let me continue without specifying a domain.

You cannot renew a domain once it reaches the pendingDelete state. You’ll have to wait for it to be deleted and then register it again. has an article on the Pending Delete Domain Status:

After a domain expired, it will pass through a number of states, before it gets deleted. The last state before the deletion is the Pending Delete State . If the domain reaches this, the previous owner can not renew the domain and it will be deleted after exactly 5 days! (for COM/NET Domains) It also gets removed from the zone file.

Thanks. That’s interesting. Your own FAQ guidance on this doesn’t say that. It says the domain can be restored for a fee (before the 5 day period).

Also, I keep getting emails that I need to change the nameservers. Which of course I can’t.

Lots of fail here. Most importantly IMHO the inability to open a support ticket.

Just to report another fail. One of the domains has apparently moved into a different state. It now reports ‘pending nameserver update’. Which it isn’t, of course. I guess I’ll move everything back to namecheap.

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