Can't remove sub-domain redirection

A marketing consultant set up a Click Funnels sub-domain last year. The Click Funnels account no longer exists but my website is still redirecting when entering the URL into Crome without “www”. I have deleted the click funnels re-direction command in DNS setting but it is still redirecting. please help! My website is but it redirects to when entered into Chrome, which was the sub-domain for click funnels. Click funnels say they can’t help because my account with them no longer exists.

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Does this refer to deleting the the go hostname or a redirect rule?

There is a Community tool that may help if your naked domain is still somehow stuck in Clickfunnel’s account. If that is the case and the redirect is in their account it may help. Based n your description you would only need to liberate the apex name without the www.

This is helpful thank you. Do you know what I enter into the Target field - please see screen shot of ny DNS record next to the instructions to liberate the hostname.

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Use the content labeled value as the target.

Thanks, I’ve done that and have an error message - pls see screen shot.

The screenshot is missing the details relevant to evaluate that error. The information that error is referencing wild be helpful.

Here is a better screen shot with the error message.

You would remove the existing record for that hostname per the error message. Have you tried that?

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