Can't remove site from Cloudlfare

Hello! I’m hoping to remove my domain from Cloudflare. I’m currently building my website on Wix and JUST found out that Wix does not support Cloudflare. Therefore, I’m hoping to completely remove my domain from Cloudflare so that I can register it through Wix

Every time I try to remove my site, I received the following error message “The zone cannot be deleted as the domain is currently registered through Cloudflare’s registrar. If you wish to delete the domain registration please contact support for assistance.”

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare registrar offers at-cost domain registrations as an exclusive benefit for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. If you need to use third-party nameservers, you will need to transfer your domain to another registrar. It is extremely rare to actually need to use other nameservers .

As long as you set the names that will be on Wix to :grey: DNS Only, you can host your site in Wix. It is the Cloudflare proxy service that is not compatible with the Wix CDN. You should be able to follow directions for what the call the pointing method.

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