Can't remove Domain from Cloudflare




I’ve got quite some trouble trying to remove our website’s domain from Cloudflare. Where did I go wrong? First I restored standard DNS settings at our hoster’s system and after that I removed all DNS entries for that domain here at Cloudflare. Later on I deleted our domain from Cloudflare. Now it seems to be broken.

Checking that domain using nslookup gives back no IP.

Checking that domain using a whois service on the Internet shows that our domain is still somehow connected to Cloudflare.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? How do I fix this?

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You need to go to your Registrar and set the name servers back to what your host recommends.


Been there, done that. I was told that on our side everything is okay.

I’ll call them again and report back if that doesn’t help.



WHOIS changes can take 24-48 hours to propagate. If you want more help troubleshooting, go ahead and post your domain name.


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