Can't remove "Access policy" on Pages without payment method

I have the same issue as in this post: Cannot remove “Access policy” on Pages.

With a single click I enabled the “Access policy” on Cloudflare Pages. All the Preview links are now behind a login page. I want to make them public again, but I can’t because I cannot finish the “Get started with Teams” onboarding wizard. I need to add a paymeny method to continue: “A payment method is required to proceed (including Teams Free).” So if one doesn’t have PayPal or a creditcard there’s no way to turn og Teams and make the Preview links public…

I’ll try the API solution suggested in the linked post, but I think there should be an option in the GUI to cancel enabling Teams / Access policy.

Fortuneately the API commands worked to disable the Access policy for my Cloudflare Pages site :slight_smile:

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