Can't remove access policy on Pages app

I was curious what the “Access Policy” in my app settings was so I clicked the enable button (no confirmation or anything), but then immediately realized I didn’t want it and now I cannot disable it.

This is now on my Workers & Pages → Manage:

If I click Manage policies, I see:

And now when we view our preview URLs, we get:

Can someone please help me remove the policy?? :pray:

I just found this one after posting that looks like the same, sorry for reposting, but that was from 3 years ago and the problem still exists: Cannot remove "Access policy" on Pages

Deducing from this comment that maybe if I signed up for a zero trust plan, even the free one, I could remove it. So I did that and was able to remove it, problem solved, just not what one would expect.

It seems to me that you shouldn’t allow us to create the access policy unless we’ve already signed up for a zero trust plan, rather than letting us create a policy that we can’t see or control without a plan.