Can't remove a subscription once domain removed from account

I already have a ticket open on this (#3237609) opened 17 days ago now. I would have thought this was a simple matter, but after reading other threads of a similar vein here it seems there is a bug with the coding of the Cloudflare billing portion of the site that has been unresolved for many years now.

Basically it’s this. If you remove a domain from the account page, even though it prompts you that all subscriptions will be terminated once the domain is removed, it does not terminate them. Further if you try to click ‘edit’ from the subscriptions page, nothing happens as there is no domain in the system for this subscription. How can you bill people for something that isn’t even in their accounts area?

Upon re-adding the domain back to the accounts area the edit feature does pop-up, but without the info for the subscription checked (in my case it’s the $5 fee for the Automatic platform optimization feature at the bottom).

I have sent back several replies to the people working my ticket (which both times basically said the same thing - go to subscriptions, click edit, and downgrade plan) but after the third response I sent I have gotten nothing back for 10 days. And my renewal is coming up fast.

I hope someone on this team can resolve this matter as I find it hard to fathom why my valuable time is being wasted because of an obvious bug in your site software.

I have reached our internally for the billing team to help with this. it is now solved :+1:

I’m having the exact same problem. I opened a ticket 3244768 13 days ago and have received no response from Cloudflare. I removed all my domains from the account page on 4/25 and Cloudflare billed me for all of them on 4/27. I can’t remove the subscription from the subscription page either.

I want my account credited for the charges you billed me for on 4/27 and I want the subscriptions terminated.

Thank you.

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