Can't register a domain

How do I register a new domain in cloudflare?

I was able to access the “registrar” beta
but when I went to pay I got an error.

Registration access forbidden (Code: 10000)

Hi @andrew5,

This usually means you have access to more than one account. One has access to the beta and the other doesn’t. This means you see the register option in the dashboard, but can’t actually use it on the account that doesn’t have access to it. Does that sound like it’s the case with you?

@ebrown may be able to help you get access to the beta.

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Yes that sounds exactly like the case.

I would love it if I could get access to the beta. I was so confused about how it was there and then it wasn’t. Haha

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@andrew5 please open a ticket with our Support team and we will escalate it for you to have approval for beta registrar.Thanks.

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