Can't reenable universal SSL

I get this error:
SSL has been disabled for this zone (Code: 1006)
Does anyone know why?

Never seen that before, you should contact support here or email [email protected]

Am too facing the same problem thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Alex Parkar. Help me soon, I am waiting! Thanks and Regards, panda helper ios

Hi @helloamalexparkar, I saw two URLs in your post, neither has Cloudflare name servers. I dug a bit and see a another domain that has Cloudflare name servers, you may want to double check that they are the correct ones. And, that zone has no DNS records nor error message…so I may have been looking in the wrong place…:confused:

You can share the domain here if you like and other Cloudflare users can help to troubleshoot or contact support, to login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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