Can't Redirect WWW to Root on Pages

I have my domain configured to redirect to but it does not work after many days.

My www subdomain was configured with CNAME, though someone on the Cloudflare Discord suggested I change it to a AAAA record with value of 100:: - This did not fix or change the issue.

Any help appreciated!

Page Rule rewrites are not working at all on my page.


Apologies missed this post initially. Can you make sure the record is proxied? If it is and isn’t working please share a screenshot your two DNS records and is that Page Rule still the same?

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Remove the custom domain for www from the pages site, that is likely taking precedence over site level settings.


This worked! Before when I tried this, it deleted the CNAME from the DNS, and then I was getting a 404 on www. Since then I added a AAAA for www. Now I deleted the custom domain and rules appear to be working!

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Thanks, all.