Cant receive mail using contact form in my website

I cant seem to receive email using contact form in my website since i integrated my website with cloudflare. My website gets error whenever i mail test and use contact form in my website. I configure the DNS in my setting based on what i research on the problem but it still exists. I contacted bluehost regarding this issue but they said that i just added my new DNS and wait till it propagat 24-48 hrs. But it is no more than 48 hrs since i configure my DNS. Somebody help me

It’s quite likely in your mailbox, but you have mail CNAMEs set to :orange: imap, pop, and smtp. These should be set to :grey:. So should ftp. Cloudflare :orange: only proxies HTTP/S (website traffic).

EDIT: The mail error in your website might be due to smtp being set to :orange:, but you didn’t say what error you’re getting when you use the contact form.

is this okay?

whenever i try to send mail using desktop it redirects to error page
but when i try to use mobile it doesnt redirect to error page but it doesnt send the mail.

how long does it take before it takes effect??

It should be about five minutes, but if your local DNS provider is inefficient, it could take longer.

thanks! I will wait and tell you if that works.

Here is the error when i try to use my contact form to send mail. I tried now but it still persist

Please follow the steps in this post. This should solve your problem:

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