Can't receive emails, only send

Hello, I have a email set up with Cloudflare. It seems that I can send emails but can’t receive emails or reply emails. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you

This might help

Thanks for your reply Mark. I followed the steps and the problem still persists.
This is a screenshot of the DNS records in my Cloudflare.

Sorry, the domain name is

Thank you

Try the following:
Set pop, mail and smtp to dns only.
Or ignore these records and connect directly to mail.

Hello Mark, I tried setting those records to DNS only and still the same thing.
How would I go about connecting directly to mail?


Anybody have any suggestions?

Hi, you might have missed the imap entry. So set pop, smtp, mail and imap to DNS Only and give it another try.
Right now only mail is set to DNS Only, apparently.

Thanks for the reply. I did all the things you suggested. It seems like it’s still not working. Is there a waiting period until it starts working or should it work right away?

I attached some more screenshots if that helps.

Thank you

Should be working now. I would give it a few minutes, in case there is a queue or maybe a lot of e-mails to be retrieved. But if it doesn’t go back to normal you should check your e-mail server or maybe check with your hosting provider.

Sorry everyone I should mention that I added my host email to my gmail. The issue is I can send with that email (in gmail) but I can’t receive the emails by gmail. The I can see the emails if I sign in to my host and view the received emails from there.

So the problem is I can send through gmail but it’s not showing the received emails through gmail. Does this make sense?

Thank you

Then it doesn’t look like your issue is Cloudflare related anymore.

Anyways, I could be wrong… but I think that unless you were using a Gmail business account you would have to configure a rule, forwarding emails from your email to Gmail. You can check how to create that with your hosting provider.

Hey everyone, the problem is solved. I had the Gmail setting to only send the emails but not to receive them. I now added the option to receive also. Thank you to everyone for your help.

Much appreciated.

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