Can't receive emails on mobile and PC after connecting to Cloudflare

I am using Namecheap hosting but since I connected my website to Cloudflare I don’t receive emails in my mobile app and PC any more. For me to veiw new emails i will have to log in to my Cpanel webmail account. Please, how can i fix the issue?

Make sure any mail related DNS records are set to DNS-only.
Common are, or


Thanks for replying to my post, I will do as you’ve suggested.

It’s still not working, can anyone help?

What error do you receive on your PC?

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Thanks for your roly again, Laudian.
I am getting “couldnt connect to server error” each time i tried to log in with my gmail app on ,mobile and my mail app on PC.

You must use an unproxied address for “Server”. is proxied.

If you don’t have an unproxied subdomain yet, you could create one named mail with the same address as and use that.


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