Can't receive emails after website updated. MX records not propagating

My website was updated and now I can’t receive emails through my Bluehost account. It looks like the MX records are not propagating. I have put in a support ticket but have not heard anything. The site is Anyone know how to fix it. Thanks.

Your DNS records, including the MX record, should match the DNS records at your host.

In your case, there isn’t a DNS record for ‘mail’, but there should be. It should be an “A” record with the same IP address as your domain. It should be DNS Only (:grey:). Then add an MX record for @ (your domain) that points to

Ok. I changed the A record to DNS only. And the MX record was already there. Once I made the change the alert symbol went away on the MX records so maybe it will work. Thanks.

That’s strange it says there’s an MX record, because it’s not showing. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? It’s ok to black out IP addresses. Also please double check that the name servers at the bottom of that page are Nash and Roxy.

Here is the screenshot and the name servers say and

Do you think I could just change my Bluehost domain settings to the cloudfare nameserver instead of using Bluehost? If that is the problem. Or is there a better way.

Dax and Harleigh? That would explain a lot. Your WHOIS info at your registrar is pointing to Nash and Roxy. You’d have to go to your registrar and change them. WHOIS info says your registrar is Fastdomain/Bluehost, so you’ll have to figure out where that’s set.

Ok. Thanks.

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