Can't receive account conformation mails

It looks as if the delivery problems still exist.

Unfortunately, I am still not receiving any emails from Cloudflare after several attempts. This morning when I opened the support ticket, I received an invitation link from the Discourse forum and a copy of my support ticket. I have allow-listed the following addresses.


So it must be a software bug on Cloudflare’s side. :thinking:

** […] any account confirmation emails […]

In your case, I can see your mail server is bouncing emails:

554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [a.b.c.d] blocked using; IP (a.b.c.d) has Mailspike reputation. Visit Mailspike - Check your IP

So you need to check with your mail provider on why they are rejecting email from us.


Many Thanks! It‘s my own mx server. After removing the DNSBL entry as source, it seems to be working! :partying_face:

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any rejection by Rspamd.I need to implement an DMARC analytics tool very soon.

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No problem - glad you found the problem! In the vast, vast majority of cases the issue is either:

  1. Reaching your mailserver
  2. mailserver itself is blocking receipt

The first part is normally because:

  • Misconfigured DNS - wrong MX record or no MX record
  • Mailserver is down completed

Then if we are able to get to the mailserver, it’s then commonly 3 things:

  • Mailbox doesn’t exist
  • Mailbox is full
  • Spam service is rejecting the email

Running your own mail server is hard!

I should add we do have a doc on this topic which others might find useful if they are troubleshooting their own issues with mail:

I know @tgahn is working on a document that’s specific to “Why aren’t I receiving emails from Cloudflare?” as well.

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Indeed. There are a lot of up- and downsides. :nerd_face:

The ultimate challenge for domain owners. (Still having trouble with IPv6).
… my recommendation: as a checklist.

And the need of DNS blacklists ... but psssst ;)

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