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Good morning!

Hi all please help… I moved my domain from Godaddy to Namecheap and also started using Cloudflare as my SSL since last April. Recently my Godaddy domain expired and ever since then, I can’t reach to my website anymore. My both Cloudflare and Namecheap says my domain is “active” I tried to contact to Namecheap team but they asked me to talk to Cloudflare first since they can’t reach to DNS.

Thanks for your time and please help me with this problem :frowning:

That would indicate your site is still insecure if you don’t have a proper certificate with your host as well.

Plus, if your domain expired you won’t have a domain at all.

What’s the domain?

The domain expired with Godaddy but I succefully transferred to Namecheap as a new domain and it is still active with Namecheap!

Domain name:

It didn’t expire, you simply moved it. The domain is still active, but the host redirects to a non-existent address and that’s why you get the error.

Make sure the IP addresses on Cloudflare are accurate (contact your host if you are not sure) and make sure you have “Full Strict” as encryption mode and a proper certificate on your server.

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I have to work on this by myself and don’t know what to do… So I should change something at DNS page in Cloudflare? to re-direct the address…?

I’d pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right), make sure all IP addresses are correct and the site loads fine on HTTPS and only then unpause Cloudflare. For now you need to talk to your host.

I paused Cloudflare and still can’t reach to my website what should I try?

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