Can't reach page anymore after setting up Cloudflare

Hi I can’t reach my page after I’ve set up Cloudflare yesterday evening. I just added the name servers as it’s supposed to do.
Can anyone help?

  1. Please install Cloudflare origin SSL at your hosting control panel / server.
  2. Then set full strict SSL mode at Cloudflare.

ok thanks for this information.

  1. My host is Strato. Do you know how to install it there?
  2. thank you
  1. Go to Cloudflare dashboard > TLS/SSL menu
  2. Look at Origin Server
  3. Create Certificate
  4. Talk to hosting support for installation
  5. All set.

Alternative: Keep original site in HTTP and then use Flexible SSL. (Disclaimer: This is not recommended).

No offence, but that is bad advice, regardless of any disclaimer.


Regarding 3. is it “own SSL certificate” or “extended SSL certificate” so the upper or the lower button?

Regarding 4. I can’t do it myself? Strato support used to be a bit slow and unresponsive…

This is what I mean

Ok perfect. I leave it on RSA?

I am not particularly aware about this hosting neither unfortunately I understand that written language.

Installing SSL is not that tough check some YouTube video how to install SSL in cPanel or you can hire someone (Not me, sorry) to get it done.

That’s perfectly fine.

Great thanks a lot for all this information. One last question which certificate do I need to send them the origin or the private key?

Does the IP address you have configured on Cloudflare end in 151?

I don’t know. how can I find this out?

What do your DNS records say?

In that case SSL is not the issue. There is a valid certificate on your server.

The issue is probably rather your host.

They do not seem to be “compatible” with Cloudflare as they regularly change the site’s IP address.

okay too bad. So there’s no other option then I guess right?

Either you have the wrong IP address (possibly because it changed) or you haven’t uploaded any content. If your hosting also changes the IP address regularly you could only update it whenever necessary, that be via the API as well.

Bottom line, the correct IP address needs to be configured on Cloudflare.

Do they offer CNAME for pointing?