Can't reach my CNAME records over Cloudflare Proxy

Hi, Tl;Dr: I can’t connect to my CNAME records when the cloudflare proxy is enabled but CAN if it is disabled.

I have a NAS at Home that I can connect to over bindv6 (DynDNS). This is my DNS config. If I manually copy the IPv6 from the DynDNS server and make a proxied AAAA record everything works fine. Only as a CNAME the proxy doesn’t work: 1 IN NS ; DynDNS 1 IN NS ; DynDNS 1 IN NS ; DynDNS 1 IN CNAME

I.e. I can connect to as it is not proxied but I cant connect to if proxy is enabled.

I CAN connect to (as it is resolved by the dyndns ns)
I CAN connect to a AAAA record that points to home that is proxied
I CAN NOT connect to a CNAME record to i.e.
I CAN connect to the same CNAME if it is not proxied.

Thanks for help. I am really stuck here. I only need the proxy for TLS. I didn’t find a way to simply download a regular signed SSL Certificate that doesn’t need cloudflare proxying

If you are saying you do not have SSL on your server, you have a general issue and your site is still insecure. You first need to fix that.

Then, if you are using any private IP addresses, those cannot be proxied.

And if you don’t really want to use Cloudflare, you can also not use it after you fixed the SSL issue on the server.

Once you delegate a portion of your namespace you cannot create any other records in Cloudflare for that portion of the namespace.

What error do you get?

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That shouldn’t be the issue here, as dav is still part of the naked domain and points to home.

The error message is certainly interesting, but the OP first needs to fix the SSL issue anyhow.

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