Cant reach, is reachable (Comcast, in Michigan, USA)


Here is a traceroute from my home IP (Comcast, in Michigan, USA)


Here is the traceroute to


traceroute to


That sure stops in a hurry. What hardware are you using? Some routers use or block


Thank you for reporting the issue. We are looking into this


I reached out to Comcast in my area yesterday and it took them a few hours to get the information to the right person, but looks like they are blocking at one(maybe more) of their Cable Modem Termination Systems since previously was used as a testing address by some hardware/software. They told me it would be a few days before it was allowed again.


I have Comcast as well (Minnesota, USA). I also use my own modem, and a couple of AirPort Time Capsules. I tried to change the DNS server addresses on the one connected to the modem, and when it tried rebooting, I just got an amber light on the front. When I disconnected it from power, and restarted it, it booted back up with the DNS server addresses that were on it previously. Perhaps this is related?


@denike Comcast claim the issue is fixed. I m not sure about the cable modem thing. But please give it another shot and let us know if it is resolved.


I spoke with Comcast yesterday and they have resolved the issue on this. Thanks case can be closed!

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