Can't quick edit worker deployed via `wrangler deploy`: An unknown error occured. (Code: 10013)

When trying to “Quick Edit” a worker that I’ve deployed via wranger publish (wrangler 1.16.0-durable-objects-rc.0) I’m getting the following error: An unknown error occured. (Code: 10013)


name = "__XXX__"
type = 'javascript'
account_id = '__XXX__'
route = ''
zone_id = ''
# usage_model = ''
workers_dev = true
# target_type = "js"

command = 'yarn build'
upload.format = "modules"
upload.main = "./worker.mjs"

bindings = [{name = "streams", class_name = "Stream"}]

The app is roughly following this example: durable-objects-template/index.mjs at 785e0939eb92b92c086dc79c4c7a6e5080159864 · cloudflare/durable-objects-template · GitHub

I suspect it’s due to having a durable object. As they are in beta, it might cause these sort of issues.