Can't purge cache, Cloudflare always serves old version

I am experiencing an unusual issue with my website. I am using Wordpress with the litespeed cache plugin. However, I decided to replace it with another cache plugin. After removed litespeed, Cloudflare continues to serve the old html version while the litespeed cache was still working. I have attempted to clear the cache on server and on Cloudflare multiple times, deactivate all plugins, rename the Wordpress folder, restart the VPS, but Cloudflare keep serving the old site vesion.

Upon inspecting the website with Chrome developer tools, I discovered that everything is served by the Cloudflare server, the index.php cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC.

When I paused Cloudflare on my site in the Overview tab, everything worked perfectly fine. I could access my website with the current state.

There are some people have the same problem with me:

I would greatly appreciate your assistance with resolving this issue.

That means the request was served by the origin server, not Cloudflare.

You need to check why your origin is serving out of the cache when the request is proxied by Cloudflare. The vary: header may provide hints.

Also, besides your caching plugin, does your origin also have other cache layers? Varnish, for instance?

2 of these links are very old, 1 has been solved already (I just tested the provided URL).

Thank you very much for your help! Problem solved, I delete the cache which is located at /usr/local/lsws/cachedata/


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