Can't provide secure connection custom ssl

This is the error that i faced on my computer and vps

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

I’ve used business plan with custom ssl the ssl issued on digicert/geotrust is currently active but when i clicked the cloudflare dns on DNS tab i have an issue some ssl checker on the web can’t recognized the ssl that i used something stranged with this thing but when i disconnect/disable the cloudflare dns site is working fine, i don’t know what exactly the problem it is also i already reached cloudflare live chat and they can’t recognized the exact problem. i have already see some post here but not related what i facing on my site now, last day the site is working fine and now i can’t really recognize the problem any suggestions to fix this issue? thanks!

Works here:


It was working again fine but couple minutes/hours it would back it again i don’t know why i have already #1874773 ticket i don’t really know the real problem with this thing.

this image is from my vps on my pc now is working fine some users is facing this issue on my site

Still have a problem i think this is cloudflare bug issue

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