Can't point domain to cloudflare

I try add my domain to cloudflare 3 4 time, I wait over 1 week but not working, I try contact namecheap but they talk to me ask cloudflare, please help me fix it.

What is the domain? What error or problem do you have?

ya, I have about 30 domain point to cloudflare, but the new domain i bought from namecheap can’t point to cloudflare, I try delete and add again / or create new account … but not working, still pendding.
I try contact namecheap, but they talk to me they can’t help, just ask cloudflare. anyone can help me plz.

What is the domain?

Okay, my domain is , I have other domain .store, all of them added cloudflare.

Your domain is on “serverHold” so does not resolve…

Only Namecheap can fix this for you at the registry so you will need to ask them again.

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OMG, thank you Sir, I will try contact them :smiling_face_with_tear: . Have a nice day.

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