Cant play a certain game

hello ive been having multiple websites having security checks and annoying captcha everytime i open a site including riot games, they have a client that uses the same cloudfare services and i cant open it cause it keeps on loading and i cant do anything because its not a website but an app so i cant “verify” myself as human and its soooooooo annoying i cant even play cause of stupid captchas, can you disable it or something? paying for good vpn is just too expensive while free ones causes my game unplayable cause of high ping plssssssssssss help

Hey there,

I understand that having to complete the turnstile/challenge can be frustrating. Unfortunately, Cloudflare cannot disable the captcha for specific users, as it’s set by the website owners for security purposes.

You can try contacting the support teams of the sites you’re having issues with for assistance, you may also want to read this guide on handling captcha challenges: Community Tip - Best Practices For Captcha Challenges


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