Can't ping a SRV Subdomain?


i’m new to this world of DNS and i recently open a minecraft server for my friend and i.
And i set up a DNS record like (for example)
then i set up a SRV record like ( i did this because i have redirected the port 25565 to 21226 )
for joining the server, all is ok. But when i want to ping, it doens’t work, i got a
" Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again. "
and i wanted to ping because i’ve created some scripting with python for getting the server status

is it possible to do that thing ? Thanks for reading !

You need to run ping against the hostname of your A/AAAA record, in this case
The SRV record only works for minecraft, not for ping.


Oh ok then, Thanks you !

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