Cant pay for Plan - error

More than 5 days i cant pay by Paypal or Mastercard, Visa (Estonia).
Whats going on??

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the worst support forum even with payment question!

You may submit billing questions and talk to a Cloudflare support employee via → " Get additional help". We can’t help with billing issues here.


I can tell you why: Cloudfare does not meet the new additional 3DSv2 security checks required by europen banks to process card payments. We have been trying for the past 5 days with no luck and now all our paid for CF services have been removed. :sunglasses:

Hi @user91010,
This is not accurate, we have reviewed the requirements with our payment processor and confirmed that 3DSv2 is only required if the the customer and the businesses banks are both in Europe (which isn’t the case for Cloudflare as our bank is in the US).

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Hi Laurie, thanks for coming back. I’m afraid our bank is advising differently and can see their end that payments are not being completed due to 3DSv2 not being in place. I would appreciate you contacting me privately as we need to resolve this to get our services back online.


Hi @user91010,

Please send a ticket to [email protected] and our team can look into your account and convey the specific details to you there.

Thanks. It’s already been done, we have been trying to sort this for 5 days now. Ticket ref 2395622 if you could please have them come back to us

Hi @user91010,
I have escalated this to one of our billing specialists to reply to you there again.


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